My best friend

   My best friend is a chanika madubashani. She is a very good. My best friend school is a Mo/jayawardana aththanayaka navodya school. She learn grade is a nine.She is from pitakumbura. She birthday  was the 25th jule 1994.

                             Her has a two sister and no brather. My best friend sisters is  a very good. Her sisters name is sachini and piumee. My friend mother is a Mirs:kusumawathi. She is a House wife. Her father is a mir:Jayasena. He is a farmer. My best friend hobbe is a reading book.She like to apple,orange and mango.

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Living in the future

 Mood and pure Watch air by means of forest in future. We will be able  to see the artificial. The please birds and butterflies will fey in stead of natural ones. The educe ion will is also libel a strange one to us in future brain many get the computer. That’s mere is the human  will be a ma shine without thou shots.

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        Tree s play an important  in the weather and of a trees life would be on earth provide us with food and shelter. They also provide people with wood and medicine. The roots the trees the moisture of the soil also clean polluted air. But people cut down trees without cansideration sell the timber and down the forests rivers dry up or disastrous floods green land of ours turn in to a desert and economic and socal of the people wold afected. By cutting down trees people not only story human life but also animals .As the forests diminish we number of animals. People forests medicinal as well affets the medical system too.

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My school

My school is mo/Jayawardana Aththanayaka navodya school. It is in Monaragala.My school is a navodya school.There classes from grade one to grade thirteen.There are fifty  teachers and one thousand pupils.There is a play ground, a libra, an office and , a computer room.THe principal is Mri: Priyantha Amarasiri Rathnayaka. I love my school.

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My class grade nine. There are thirty one pupils in my class. It is a small. My class room is a beautiful. there are eighteen boys and thirteen girls in my class. My class teacher is a mrs Padma Thilakarathna. She is from pitakumbura. She is kind. My class teacher is fat and tall.She is beautiful. She has alon hair. She teacher us maths. .

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My mother name is premawathi.  My  mother village  is  pitakumbura.  Mother  like apple. My mother have  two brother and two sister. My mother village is beautiful. My mother is  fortrynine. My mother is tall and fat.

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My  best  friend  name  is  pawithra  dulanjali. My  best  friend  village  is pitakumbura. My  friend  school  is  Mo/jayawardana  aththanayaka  navodya  school.My friend grade is 8-B. My best friend mother is karunawathi. My friend father is siripala. My friend like Apple and banana.

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